Ready to dive in? HIST 297 Syllabus Available

Hello All,

Dr. Fernsebner’s HIST 297 syllabus is online — just head to the Syllabus page hereĀ  to find it. NOTE: if you downloaded the previously posted one (up earlier this week), please re-download this new one… it fixes an important glitch or two, including a note re: grade point values for assignments.

Looking forward to meeting you in class on Monday!

– Dr. Fernsebner

Welcome to HIST 297!

Hello All!

Welcome to History 297! If you’re shopping for books, there’s just two required for this course:

Cohen, Paul. History in Three Keys: The Boxers as Event, Experience, and Myth. New York: Columbia UP, 1998.

Yang, Gene Luen. Boxers and Saints (Boxed Set). New York: First Second Books, 2013.

Buy new or used, as desired, or read the copies we’ll have freely available on reserve at Simpson Library! Remember you will need page numbers to cite the works (beware electronic editions lacking them) for written assignments.

Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks!

– Dr. Fernsebner